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November 6 is Election Day

Why Should You Vote?

Vote Travel

More Jobs = A Stronger Workforce

America’s travel industry supports over 14 million jobs. This amounts to 1 in every 8 jobs here in the United States, and an estimated $1.9 trillion in economic activity.

More Trade = A More Robust Economy

Travel is America’s largest services export industry, generating $153 billion in exports and $110 billion in imports, and amounting to a travel trade surplus of $43 billion.

Easing Travel = Connecting Families

We travel for many reasons, but often it’s for family: making it home from a business trip, visiting a loved one, joining reunions, vacations, the annual holidays. Our travel system should help—not hamper—Americans coming together.

More Visitors = More Local Business

International travelers come to the U.S. to shop, eat, and tour the country, injecting billions into our local economies. But in the last 10 years, America’s share of global travelers dropped 30%, largely because our travel/visa systems are so cumbersome. Recapturing these travelers—and the business they bring to the United States—would produce a million jobs by 2020 and generate $859 billion in economic activity.

Global > Local … How Travel Affects You

From California to Maine, the Carolinas to the Dakotas, the travel industry supports local

jobs and brings billions to local businesses and communities.

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When, Where, and How to Vote

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Here Are 5 Things YOU Should Ask Candidates Before Voting


The travel industry supports 1 in every 8 American jobs. Not just that, it’s an engine for job growth: just last year the travel industry added 119,000 jobs to the economy. More travel means more well-paying jobs for more Americans!

2. EASING Travel for Americans and Families?
Whether you’re traveling for vacation, business, or the holidays, no one likes to get snarled down by hassles and delays. From streamlining airport security to decreasing wait times, there are many ways to make travel easier for all Americans.

3. MOVING Businesses Forward?
Conferences, conventions, trade shows, and corporate meetings are all integral parts of doing business in America. Every dollar invested in business travel delivers nearly $4 in profits. It also supports 2.1 million jobs and generates $36 billion in tax revenue annually.

4. LOWERING Energy Costs?
Volatile gas prices discourage travel, hamper business, and slow economic growth.  Lowering gas prices will make travel more affordable and accessible to Americans.

5. WELCOMING More Tourists to the United States?
International tourists generate billions of dollars for our businesses, hotels, restaurants and communities. But because it is so difficult to actually get here, America’s economy is losing out on billions of dollars of travel-related spending—a good form of economic stimulus. From Washington DC, to our states, to our local towns, the benefits of travel trickle down. Politicians at all levels can and should be our advocates.

Contact Your Elected Officials VOICE your opinion. WRITE an e-mail. FIND OUT what your representatives think.

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