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Whether you represent accommodations, restaurants, retail, ski, transportation, convention and visitor bureau/county travel council, or are a supplier to the tourism industry, there is a common purpose of furthering the economy and making your business more profitable.  Regardless of size, joining forces with other tourism-related entities unifies and strengthens the industry.  Speaking with one voice demonstrates that the tourism industry is an organized body with influence and power.

To join UTIA, please see the membership benefits page and then download the UTIA membership application & dues schedule complete and send with a check made payable to UTIA.

Being involved with the Utah Tourism Industry Association provides members many benefits:

LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS: Advocate, Educate, Unite.  UTIA has spearheaded efforts culminating in the success of Performance-based Funding – the Tourism Marketing Performance Fund. This resulted in a major commitment from the state legislature of $10 million in 2005 to advertise and market Utah as a tourism destination. We have worked together to implement more stringent success metrics, and for FY16, the TMPF was appropriated $21 million.

As the trade association for the tourism industry in Utah, UTIA tracks both state & federal legislative issues and reports back to the industry.

TOURISM DAY ON THE HILL: UTIA organizes this annual visit of the tourism industry to Capitol Hill. Positioned to highlight tourism economic development with legislators, this provides you an opportunity to speak directly with your legislator.

ADVOCACY TOOLKIT: Get familiar with the legislative process, from tips on how to lobby, to contacting your elected officials. This practical toolkit will help you become familiar with the legislative process.

MEMBERSHIP: Active members have opportunities to support and contribute directly to the success of UTIA. This is particularly important, considering the momentum that the industry is gaining in the legislature.

UTAH TOURISM CONFERENCE: UTIA partners with the Utah Office of Tourism to sponsor this annual conference that will educate and inspire you.  Network with your colleagues from all over Utah, and get the updates that will advance you and your company.

TOURISM PROMOTION: The Association promotes the growth of tourism through both lobbying efforts and through educational/training opportunities.  While the lobbying serves to influence issues and potential laws affecting the industry,  the education/training opportunities raises the bar on service standards – ultimately providing Utah tourists with so many reasons to return!

PUBLICATIONS/WEBSITE: To keep members informed about potential issues and events affecting tourism related businesses, UTIA publishes periodic newsletters, legislative updates, and quick facts.  UTIA’s website: utahtourism.org is a key communication tool – bookmark it and check it out frequently.

MEMBER MEETINGS: UTIA membership meetings are held quarterly throughout the year.  Scheduled to maximize benefits to members, two are held during the legislative session (one in conjunction with Tourism Day on the Hill), one during the Utah Tourism Conference and the last in November to serve as a legislative preview.

TRAVEL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT: UTIA and UOT coordinate this annual visit to Washington, DC to participate in a national effort to increase awareness of tourism with the US Congress.

RESEARCH: Working closely with the Utah Office of Tourism, UTIA provides useful research and statistical updates on industry trends that may affect your organization.

PUBLIC AWARENESS: UTIA provides press releases and information to the media to increase awareness of the tourism industry and its importance as an economic development tool for the state of Utah.

TOURISM WORKS PAC:  UTIA has committed and executed on the tourism industry’s most active political action committee (PAC).  The Tourism Works PAC mission is straight-forward – we support pro-tourism candidates and legislators in the Utah Legislature.  The PAC attends political fundraisers and makes select individual campaign contributions.

Membership Categories:

Convention & Visitors Bureaus and Destination Marketing Organizations (CVB’s & DMO’s)

Budget Annual Dues

1.        <$100,000                                                    $    800

2.      $100,000 – $299,000                                      $ 1,000

3.       $300,000 – $499,000                                     $ 1,200

4.       $500,000 – $1 Million                                     $ 1,300

5.       >$1 Million                                                      $ 1,500

Chambers of Commerce, Nonprofit Tourism and Travel Organizations

Budget Annual Dues

6.    <$100,000                                                     $   300

7.    $100,000 – $299,000                                    $   500

8.    $300,000 – $499,000                                    $   700

9.    $500,000 – $1 Million                                    $   800

10.  >$1 Million                                                     $1,000

Associated Businesses, Accommodations, Restaurants, Attractions

11.    1-10     Full Time Employees                        $  300

12.   11-24   Full Time Employees                        $   500

13.   25-99   Full Time Employees                        $   800

14.   > 100   Full Time Employees                        $1,000

Other Entities

15.       Government Agencies                              $   500

16.      Educational Institutions                              $   300

To join UTIA, please see the membership benefits page and then download the UTIA membership application & dues schedule complete and send with a check made payable to UTIA.

Utah Tourism Industry Association

175 South West Temple #30, Salt Lake City, UT  84101

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